About us

messerPR Public Relations was founded in 2004 by Stephanie Messer. 

As an owner operated PR agency, we specialize in Public Relations for high-tech companies. A professional team of PR consultants and IT translators takes care of our growing global client base - from Europe to the USA and even to Australia.

We are a boutique PR firm: Clients are cared for by a senior PR consultant at all times, carefully monitoring that you and your products or services receive the attention that you merit.

Whether B2B or B2C: With us, companies from all areas of information technology or telecommunications - from consumer electronics and mobile, web analytics and IT security, to cloud computing and virtualization - are in good hands. We make sure that your company and its products are perceived authentically.

As part of an international PR team, messerPR has become well acquainted with international PR campaigns as well as adapting texts, styles and focus for the German market. Thanks to this close relationship with international PR agencies, messerPR clients can benefit from Europe-wide and also worldwide PR campaigns managed centrally from Germany.