Natalie Khudyakova, CEO of Movavi

It has been a pleasure working with messerPR over the last two years (2009/2010) to increase the awareness of Movavi software in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Stephanie Messer and her team successfully managed media relation campaigns securing product reviews in major online and print media as well as covermount CD/DVD placements.

I really appreciated their professionalism, deep industry knowledge, attention to our needs and their enthusiasm.

I can definitely recommend messerPR as your PR partner in Germany.

Mikhail Penkovsky, Global Vice-President for Marketing and Sales, Agnitum Ltd.

I have chosen Stepanie Messer and her agency Messer PR to provide Agnitum with a set of professional public relations services for the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Over more than three years (Summer 2005 – January 2008) that we partnered with Stephanie, she provided Agnitum with great results: our brand and product awareness was raised dramatically leveraging our sales in Germany. As for pure PR results, this region was the leader in the number of Agnitum-related publications.

Stephanie Messer’s skills in PR include a wide range of tools: starting from news-media pitches and copy-writing ending with organizing press-tours and others events, not to mention Steph's experience in strategic PR planning and execution.

Stephanie has good connections with IT press all over Germany and is ideally located in Munich – the center of IT media and enterprises. Her extended database of contacts, good record within journalists and deep understanding of the clients’ specifics will do a lot of good for any IT company seeking exposure in Germany.

Mikhail Penkovsky
Global Vice-President for Marketing and Sales
Agnitum Ltd.

Christoph Güntner, founder and CEO of Jumping Bytes:

"I had no idea how multifaceted Public Relations could be. From the very beginning, we discussed strategy and operational matters with Stephanie Messer and our decisions incorporated into the PR strategy. This worked a treat: messerPR combines specialist skill and in-depth IT knowledge with a creative and unconventional way of working. The agency understands how to pass on important, unfiltered technical suggestions for product improvement from the press to us and also how to inform editors about suggestions which have been successfully integrated into the product. This two-way feedback has vastly improved the quality of Mobile Master. Without the initiative of messerPR, we would have missed various ideas for product development and image improvement. We are also both on the same wavelength. Without messerPR, we would not be where we are today. Let's keep it up!",