The PR Campaign: Strategy and Implementation

Our PR campaigns create public awareness for your products/services. We do this by using our many years of experience to identify the right steps and carry them out conscientiously.

Using the results from the analysis and consultation phase as our starting point, we develop a PR campaign that is optimized for your company, your products and your target audiences. The PR strategy comprises a mix of proven PR activities in line with your business goals and PR objectives. We also recommend the best PR Tools.

A continuous flow of communication via news releases is important. These are supported by initiating product tests, developing technical article ideas, magazine special offers such as free CDs or downloads and arranging of press meetings at trade shows.

Our PR strategy comprises a clearly defined schedule. Our PR activities are planned around editorial themes and current industry trends. This is an important step in the process of ensuring your information reaches the press at the right time.

We regard ourselves as a trusted and reliable source of information. We do not write advertising copy but instead provide distilled company and product information in a factual, substantive and succinct way.

Those on the receiving end (Communications Channels) of the content we provide - the press, broadcast media, trade bodies and event planners - appreciate the value of this. We can promise our clients high acceptance levels for the content we produce. Many years of carefully cultivating our contacts and steadily building their confidence in us has led to our excellent relationships with them.

Moreover, because we have worked as part of an international PR team for many years, we can take a PR campaign which was originally meant for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and expand it for the international stage (International Campaigns).


  • Corporate structure
  • Product strategy
  • sales strategy
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Corporate Identity / Corporate Design
  • Product and company goals
  • Internal Communications Analysis
  • Market position and competitors
  • target groups
  • target media
  • topics
  • Competitive analysis and positioning


  • Interpretation of analytical results
  • Finetuning for demands of the press
  • Presenting of press activities with impact
  • Optimizing proposals in the areas of:
    • Coordinating and defining the communicative central idea
    • Coordinating the product strategy with the planned PR activities
    • Including of the sales strategy in online PR activities
    • Any optimization of website design
    • Extending information for journalists on the website (Online Press Center)
    • Coordinating marketing and advertising strategy with planned PR activities
    • Suggesting activities and topics relevant to press
    • Making internal communication more vivid through increased employee information (optional)


  • Developing of PR strategy
  • Campaign Development: based on the provided information we create for you a timely PR plan, tailored to the editorial plans of the relevant publications
  • Creation of the wording
  • Managing international campaign: In case of an international PR campaign, we inform the local PR agencies fully and promptly.
  • Defining of PR face
  • Activities ideas
  • Staging ideas
  • Topic ideas


  • Continuous implementation of ongoing PR campaign
  • acting as press office / press spokesperson
  • Networking / contact management
  • Adaptation of the PR campaign to editorial schedules and current events
  • To implement the PR campaign use of any means of communication. An excerpt:
    • Press and media relations
    • Media contact management
    • Media creation print / online
    • Exhibitions / events / editorial visits
    • Crisis relief / prevention
  • International PR campaign: permanent coordination with international PR agencies
  • Continuous coordination with the customer


  • PR reports on ongoing PR activities
  • Clipping evaluation: Overview of rating according to definded parameters
  • Press: Feedback with suggestions, praise and criticism
  • Consultancy: Incorporating press feedback into the overall strategy


  • Online clipping archive
  • Media / Clipping analysis
  • PR reports ??available online
  • Monitoring of media and influencers
  • Analysis of target groups and response