International PR campaigns

Having worked as part of an international PR team for many years, we can take a PR campaign that began in the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region and quickly elevate it to an international level. We are a team of experienced PR consultants who work together effectively thanks to many years of cooperation on various projects and we are ready to start your international PR campaign right away. By integrating your interests, target audiences and objectives into a comprehensive PR strategy, we can easily roll-out campaigns to locally-based colleagues in multiple countries.

There’s no need to spend you valuable time and resources managing multiple agencies. You simply communicate through us as your single point of contact and we will take care of everything. We work in close collaboration with our international contacts and understand what it takes to roll out a successful multinational PR campaign that is consistent and yet flexible enough to adapt to local market requirements. For example, there’s a lot more to choosing a product release date when dealing with multiple countries. You have to factor in a host of local considerations. For example, for every country involved national events, local festivals, or school holidays must also be taken into account.

There is also the question of what effect the various time differences will have. Press release translation is performed by experienced translators who are familiar with how to adapt buzzwords and jargon for press consumption. Apart from the language, our PR Consultant in each market knows how best to present your story to the press in their country. We take care to keep you informed of developments by promptly answering all queries, responding to information requests and arranging regular conference calls and meetings with you.

Let us manage your international PR campaigns. You only ever need one contact. We make it that simple.