Client list

In order for you to get a practical insight into our work, we have put together for you some examples from our client list.
Company Location Products / Services Target group Theme Category
Agnitum St.Petersburg, Russia Outpost Firewall Pro, Outpost Security Suite B2C IT security
Artec 3D Luxembourg Artec 3D scanners Eva, Space Spider, Leo, Ray, Micro and Artec Studio software B2B/B2C 3D scanners, 3D scanning software
AT Internet Bordeaux, France AnalyzerNX, BuzzWatcher B2B Web analytics, social media
AVG Technologies VA, USA and Goettingen, Germany AVG product line (anti-virus, firewall, anti-malware, internet security suite) B2C/B2B IT security, network solution
Barracuda Networks (international PR campaign with BondPR) Campbell, California, USA Integrated email and Internet security systems, solutions for e-mail archiving and load balancing for application servers B2B IT security, appliances London, UK Online community for learning languages B2C Learning languages online and mobile, Apps
Capstor Bremen, Germany Capstor backup (online backup solution), Capdrive (virtual file system on the Internet) B2B Data storage, backup
Elaborate Bytes Cham, Switzerland CloneCD (CD-burning software), CloneDVD (DVD-burning software) B2C Multimedia, burning software
Emsi Software Oberndorf, Austria a-squared Anti-Malware 2.0 (Intrusion Prevention System) B2C/B2B IT security
Evernote California, USA Evernote for Windows / Mac / iPhone / Blackberry / Android, etc. B2C Cloud, iOS, Android App
GetData Sydney, Australia Recover My Files (data recovery), Recover My Photos, Recover My iPod, Recover my email, Mount Image Pro B2C/B2B Data recovery, IT security
ICQ (international PR campaign with BondPR) Israel Instant messaging B2C Communication
Innovative Solutions Bucharest, Romania Uninstaller PRO (uninstall tool and system) B2C/B2B System tools
Jumping Bytes Munich, Germany Mobile Master (synchronization of data between phone and PC), Mobile Master Forensic (for authorities), PureSync (backup) B2C/B2B Communication, mobile phone software
Jakobsoftware Göttingen, Germany Value added distributor for IT security B2C/B2B Channel, Reseller
Kameleoon Paris, France Testing, Personalization B2B Digital Marketing
Lamantine Software Brno, Czech Republic Sticky Password (password manager) B2C System tools
Maxymiser New York, USA cloud-based testing, personalization and cross-channel optimization solutions B2B Multivariate Testing and Website Personalization
Memup (international PR campaign with BondPR) Paris, France mp3 player, external hard drives, multimedia hard drives, USB sticks B2C Hardware, multimedia, disk, memory
Movavi Moscow, Russia Movavi Video Suite, Movavi Video Converter B2C Multimedia, Video editing and converting
NComputing Inc. Redwood City, California, USA Desktop virtualization solutions B2B Network
Network Hardware Resale (international PR campaign with BondPR) Santa Barbara, California, USA International provider of pre-owned, used and refurbished networking equipment B2B Hardware, network, services
OB10 (international PR campaign with BondPR) London, UK Electronic invoicing B2B E-invoicing
Optimizely San Francisco, USA Experimentation platform B2B E-comerce, A/B testing, personalization
Pixmantec (acquisition by Adobe in June 2006) Copenhagen, Denmark RawShooter (professional software for processing, conversion and correction of digital camera raw data) B2C Graphics, photography, image editing
Qualtrics Provo (Utah), US Experience Management Platform B2B Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Surveys
RemotePass Turnhout, Belgium RemotePass Access (remote management software) B2B Administration
RITLabs Chisinau, Moldova The Bat! (email client), The Bat! Voyager (mobile email client for USB-stick) B2C Communication, e-mail
S.N.Safe&Software Ltd. Moscow, Russia Safe'n'Sec product line (intrusion prevention pystem, anti-virus, anti-spyware) B2C/B2B IT security
SaveAs AG Budapest, Hungary EagleEyeOS ( security access controls within a network) B2B IT security
Smule Menlo Park, California, USA Smule Ocarina (flute app for iPhone) B2C iPhone application
SparxSystems Australia and Austria Enterprise Architect (UML modeling tool) B2B Development tool
Subsembly Munich, Germany Banking 4W, Banking 4i, Banking 4A B2C Online banking software, banking Apps
tetraguard systems Troisdorf, Germany tetraguard product suites (DLP) solution B2B IT security
The Scuderi Group (international PR campaign with BondPR) West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA Scuderi split-cycle air hybrid technology and B2B Automotive technology
Vertus London, UK Fluid Mask, Bling It! and Play with Pictures B2C Graphics, photography, image editing
Nexmo/Vonage Holmdel, USA Communication as a Service B2B Cloud Communication, API
win.rar Berlin, Germany WinRAR B2C/B2B Compression, data archiving