PR Monitoring of ongoing communications

In company communications, as in everyday life, the exchange of information has to be a two-way process.  PR is not just about providing new product information. Feedback from outside sources is equally important.

Unlike traditional advertising, PR is much more of a dialogue with your public. We want to hear editors' opinions about your company and we want them to go into detail when they test your products. We feed back directly to you their critical appraisals. Press feedback is a valuable way to gauge how your product will be received by the market. In a comparative test, a reviewer will compare the quality and functionality of your product with those of your nearest competitors. Your PR campaign is most likely to be successful if you incorporate editorial feedback into future product developments.

To ensure that you have a complete overview of how your PR campaign is going, we will provide you with regular reports on current PR activities and the publications we talk to: What did we do? Who did we speak to? What was written, and when? How do the editors, reviewers and decision-makers perceive you?

As an additional service, messerPR provides you with password-protected access to all your PR reports and published articles online via our PR Visibility Tool. Our PR Visibility tool makes it easier for you to evaluate success and plan future investment.

How our PR Monitoring Service benefits you:

  • Content: your communications strategy can be adapted to suit compliance requirements, technology trends, or major industry developments. Information can be re-focused or fresh information can be published.
  • Technical: feedback can help hone future product strategy. For example, editorial may highlight specific product advantages or point out ways to make your product even better.
  • Financial: enable you to calculate your PR investment more easily.


  • Corporate structure
  • Product strategy
  • sales strategy
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Corporate Identity / Corporate Design
  • Product and company goals
  • Internal Communications Analysis
  • Market position and competitors
  • target groups
  • target media
  • topics
  • Competitive analysis and positioning


  • Interpretation of analytical results
  • Finetuning for demands of the press
  • Presenting of press activities with impact
  • Optimizing proposals in the areas of:
    • Coordinating and defining the communicative central idea
    • Coordinating the product strategy with the planned PR activities
    • Including of the sales strategy in online PR activities
    • Any optimization of website design
    • Extending information for journalists on the website (Online Press Center)
    • Coordinating marketing and advertising strategy with planned PR activities
    • Suggesting activities and topics relevant to press
    • Making internal communication more vivid through increased employee information (optional)


  • Developing of PR strategy
  • Campaign Development: based on the provided information we create for you a timely PR plan, tailored to the editorial plans of the relevant publications
  • Creation of the wording
  • Managing international campaign: In case of an international PR campaign, we inform the local PR agencies fully and promptly.
  • Defining of PR face
  • Activities ideas
  • Staging ideas
  • Topic ideas


  • Continuous implementation of ongoing PR campaign
  • acting as press office / press spokesperson
  • Networking / contact management
  • Adaptation of the PR campaign to editorial schedules and current events
  • To implement the PR campaign use of any means of communication. An excerpt:
    • Press and media relations
    • Media contact management
    • Media creation print / online
    • Exhibitions / events / editorial visits
    • Crisis relief / prevention
  • International PR campaign: permanent coordination with international PR agencies
  • Continuous coordination with the customer


  • PR reports on ongoing PR activities
  • Clipping evaluation: Overview of rating according to definded parameters
  • Press: Feedback with suggestions, praise and criticism
  • Consultancy: Incorporating press feedback into the overall strategy


  • Online clipping archive
  • Media / Clipping analysis
  • PR reports ??available online
  • Monitoring of media and influencers
  • Analysis of target groups and response