Analysis and consultancy at the heart of your communications

The analysis and consultation phase is a two-way learning process between client and PR agency: we will collect, process, structure and prioritize your information in a way that carries the most weight with the public.

A well-planned PR campaign is founded on a coherent overall concept that encompasses the company’s image and culture, product sales, its website and how it is perceived by the outside world.

We analyze your company’s aims and vision and familiarize ourselves with your sales and marketing strategies. With your cooperation, we bring together the necessary strands of information from different parts of your business. If it then becomes clear that some useful information is missing, we research this and integrate it into the overall strategy. In order to understand your core business, we make sure that we are familiar with your areas of spezialisation. This helps us to recognize the target audiences for your products or services. We also research your competitors to give us an idea of your market position. Finally, we check how effective your communications, internal and external, have been up to now.

An outside perspective allows any unique properties and potential new ideas to surface. We alert you to these and advise you how to best present them to the public.

Having digested the results of the analysis, we will suggest how you can adapt your product and company aims to the needs of the press. The more in-depth the consultation, the better equipped we are to convey your values to the public.

We advise you what the most interesting elements of your business are for the public and show you how your PR needs to be inter-related with your Marketing and Sales. At this point, we would also be pleased to advise you how to optimize your product strategy for your target customers. A PR campaign is most effective when all departments of the business work together.

The analysis and consultation phase lies at the heart of the PR strategy and its implementation.