Public relations: we take care of your relationship with the public

We take a comprehensive and long-term approach to campaigns in order to secure lasting relationships with the public. Our PR strategies start with a thorough analysis of your business, your product and your market as well as commitment to long-term PR techniques. This is because well-researched communications is the key to building trust in your company and public acceptance for your products.

Public Relations means just that - how a particular organization relates to its public. A PR campaign builds a relationship between your company and the general public. As your PR agency, we are the third party who gets your products or services into the public consciousness using the latest communications techniques.

In order to do this, we first need to perform an in-depth Analysis to familiarize ourselves with various aspects of your business. We research your product/service, your market position relative to your competitors, your target audiences, consumer/customer attitudes towards your product, your employee attitudes to the consumer/customer and to your product as well as your sales and marketing strategies.

Once we have analyzed all of these factors, we then define which PR Campaign techniques should be used to help you grab the public's attention and win over their trust. We then match these techniques against the schedules of target media and events organizers in order to create a PR campaign that is tailor-made for you.

When putting PR campaigns into action, we have a standard set of PR Tools at our disposal. For example, we write and distribute news releases; we initiate interviews and product tests reports and arrange press conferences at trade shows.

We look after communications with the relevant editors. We make the most of our many and varied contacts to do this for you. Due to our many years of experience in the IT sector, we know who to contact and what to talk about on your behalf.

Successful PR takes time and requires sustained effort. This is because a continuous flow of honest communications is the only way to build trust with the public, helping them to understand your product and believe in your brand.

It is therefore important to monitor press response and regularly update your communications strategy to take account of new developments - because communication is always a two-way process. We monitor press responses and clippings for you (PR Monitoring) and pass on any praise or advice to you in the form of feedback. We also keep you informed of the progress of your PR campaign through regular PR reports.

PR is most effective when you measure your standing in the press against your own objectives. If you find their comments constructive you can incorporate them into your company strategy and product planning. When making such decisions, you can rely on our Consultancy to help you. We are always available to give advice on press matters. We will also be at your side to help manage any crisis situation should it arise.