Target media and Communication channels

Where are your target audiences? Which communication channels are best for us to reach them? Do they read traditional printed media such as daily newspapers or trade magazines? Do they keep themselves up to date with the latest developments using online news feeds? Do they regularly listen to a radio program while on their way to work where issues related to your product are discussed? Do you want to reach a younger audience that spends much of their time on social networking sites communicating via chat?

We present your company and its products to the public in a targeted way. In order to do this we use both the national daily press and the specialist trade press, in print and online, as well as influential organizations and associations outside of the press. We also use the interactive web (web 2.0), communities, social media and forums. A business to consumer (B2C) product is best targeted at the traditional mass and specialist media. A product for business to business (B2B) clients requires different communications channels and approaches to communication.

If you want to take part in a trade show or conference, we can keep you up to date with what's going on and notify you of possible platform-speaking opportunities through our regular events overview.

For companies wanting to re-launch their products in the German-speaking market, we can negotiate special-offer opportunities in magazines including free cover CDs or promotional landing pages where readers can claim free software downloads. Our clients have had good experiences with this.