Our Team

About Stephanie Messer

Stephanie Messer has over 20 years of experience as a PR consultant for various IT companies for whom she successfully implemented PR campaigns. Since 2006 she is a member of an international PR team, organizing and taking part in numerous international PR campaigns.

Before founding messerPR in 2004, she worked three years as a PR-, Marketing- und Sales-Manager in an international software company in the multimedia industry. Former freelance experiences with different editorial offices shape her neutral, service oriented, journalistic PR style. She graduated with an M.A. in Political Science, Computer Science and Law from the University of Munich LMU and the Université de Rennes in France. She also took part in the "National Model United Nations" (NMUN) project at the UN in New York. She lived in Barcelona, Spain and Colorado, USA and is fluent in English, Spanish and French. Contact

Karina Endras

Karina Endras has been a valuable part of the messerPR team since mid 2018. With her level-headed nature and perceptive approach, she keeps track of all PR campaigns and always stands by the side of our clients.

Before she started at messerPR she cut her teeth in the field of International Brand & Innovation Management at Hochland. In various internships she took part in market research projects and marketing campaigns. Previously, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication Management at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Due to her stay abroad in London she is fluent in English. Contact

Alexandra Orgaz

What would we do without her! Alexandra Orgaz has been a member of the messerPR team since 2004 and she always translates with the highest degree of skill and reliability. Furthermore, she is writing press releases and professional articles for all our clients and benefits from her big experiences: She has been working as a translator, editor and localization project manager within agencies, publishers, businesses and international organizations like the European Patent Office for over 25 years. She specializes in the IT sector, is always up to date with the language evolution in the digital industry and competently consults our clients in branding issues.. She translates texts from English and French and also speaks fluent Spanish. She gained her qualification as a state-certified translator at the Munich Institute of Languages and Interpretation. Contact

Christa Manta

Thanks to her background as an editor and her experience as a PR Consultant, Christa Manta can empathise with the needs of journalists as well as those of clients. This makes her right at home at messerPR. Then there's her understanding of the world of IT: she began her career as a volunteer IT editor for the Macintosh trade magazine, MACup. Prior to this, she completed a degree in Social Sciences focusing on Sociological Technology Studies (Communications Science and Psychology) in Munich and Paris. As an editor for the Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung for Romania, she spent a year in Bucharest and gained international experience. Back in Munich, she worked as a freelance editor for various print and online publications, and as a PR consultant in the business, travel and IT sectors. As a result of her living abroad so much, she speaks fluent German, English, French and Romanian. Contact

Elmar Salmutter

When it comes to text, nobody can top Elmar Salmutter: our journalist in the team has a way of taking even the most dry subjects and turning them into something that will put a smile on your face and want to keep reading. How does he do it? It probably has something to do with his 20 years experience as an editor, deputy editor in chief and chief editor for Springer and Burda publishing companies. In the technical field, he was a writer for CHIP Foto-Video, Focus.de, Netzwelt.de, Player.de, Notebookjournal.de and Foto Digital. He studied Political Science, Communication Science and Sociology at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Contact

Janne Scharnweber

Janne Scharnweber has moved to Munich from the far north and we hope to be able to keep her here for a long time. When the trained osteopath is not healing her patients, she supports us part-time as a PR assistant: In particular, she keeps an eye on our clients' press articles, creates clippings and reports, and supports us in our research. At the same time, she is completing her master's degree in osteopathy at the Vienna School of Osteopathy. Contact