Pixmantec: market introduction of RawShooter| premium 2006 

PR aim: Pixmantec to become known as a specialist photographic software provider in the German speaking region.

Pixmantec began as a specialist in digital image processing software for professional photographers based in Copenhagen. This Danish company had its first taste of success in 2005 in specialist photographic circles with its freeware RawShooter | essentials 2005. The introduction of the commercial product, RawShooter| premium 2006, was planned for October 2005 – its professional software for the preparation, correction and conversion of raw data from digital cameras. RawShooter| premium 2006 offered high-performance tools for image correction, a more optimized RAW workflow for high-quality results, an easy to use user interface and reliable performance. 

PR strategy: a high quality niche product for a professional target group

messerPR was asked to provide support for the introduction of this new product to the market in the German-speaking press in September 2005. After a thorough analysis of the market situation, the target group and the specialist media, we positioned RawShooter| premium 2006 as a high-quality niche product for a professional target group. We wanted to reach users of digital single lens reflex cameras, i.e. professional photographers and amateur enthusiasts as well as graphics and advertising agencies.

In addition, we also took advantage of the initial feelings of goodwill towards a new free product when contacting the relevant editors of trade journals.  At the end of October 2005 we published the localized press release.

Wide press coverage and excellent test results
Our strategy bore fruit: immediately after its release, RawShooter| premium 2006 was mentioned in the main Online IT magazines such as heise.de, golem.de and PC Magazin Online, as well as in specialist photography publications such as Docma, Computer Foto and Profifoto.

The results of the many reviews were consistently positive. The June 2006 issue of c't described Raw Shooter Premium as a "First-class workflow tool with a solid converter" and as the "most straightforward converter in the test". The February 2006 issue of DigitalPhoto praised the "convenient interface" with "intuitive" operation as well as the "excellent results". The September 2006 issue of CHIP Foto Video noted that the "popular RAW tool" was "well-equipped" and had a "clear interface" as well as "an excellent and very quick converter". RawShooter| premium 2006 also came out top in the test in the April 2006 issue of Foto magazine.

Result: Pixmantec managed to reach its target groups and win over support by providing a high level of quality and regular information.  We also announced further versions, until Pixmantec's RAW technology was bought by Adobe in June 2006.