The Scuderi Group: Scuderi Air-Hybrid Technology to debut in Europe

PR Aim: The initial press mention of the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Technology was to attract attention and generate trust

Based in West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA and from an office in Frankfurt am Main, the Scuderi Group focuses on improving the performance of the internal combustion engine. The Scuderi Engine with its unique Air-Hybrid Technology has the potential to increase vehicle mileage significantly and to reduce toxic emissions by up to 80%.

International PR Campaign in Germany and France with BondPR

BondPR acquired the Scuderi Group as a client for a PR campaign in Germany and France in April 2007. This was the American firm’s first step at approaching the European press and they dared to take it in the two strongest countries in the automotive sector. As part of cooperation with BondPR, messerPR took over the campaign for Germany.

In April 2007, the first press release about the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Technology hit the German press. Directly addressing the right editors was decisive for its success.

Result: Major investor commits on the basis of the positive report

The German press immediately recognized the innovation of the new engine technology and devoted in-depth articles with top placement to it without exception.

Spiegel Online talked about “Wirkungsgrad-Wunder” (Power Efficiency Wonder), the Süddeutsche Zeitung, a national newspaper, ran the heading “Is the miracle engine around the corner?” and T-Online asked “Miracle engine from the USA?”. In the television program “Auto Motor und Sport” on VOX, an animation demonstrated how the Air-Hybrid Technology works, and Salvatore C. Scuderi, President of the Scuderi Group and Lutz Deyerling, vice president of European Operations for the Scuderi Group spoke. This was followed by a number of articles in technically-oriented media and automobile sites.

Bottom line: Positive reporting in respected magazines generated trust and credibility for the new technology. As a result, an important investor committed to supporting the Scuderi Group.