Vertus: Kick-start PR activity for British image processing specialist participating for the first time at CeBIT 2007

PR aim: press management - introduction of Fluid Mask 2.0 at CeBIT 2007

Vertus, based in London, UK is specialized in the interpretation of image data. Their flagship product is Fluid Mask, a highly effective image editing tool for free-form selection of complex image content with difficult backgrounds. The new segmentation technology uses complex algorithms in order to imitate the visual processes which take place in the eye and the brain. The target groups are professional photographers, graphic designers and multimedia designers as well as amateur enthusiasts.  In February 2007, messerPR took over Vertus' German-language press relations and they remain one of our clients today. Our first task was to announce Fluid Mask 2.0 and also manage the media opportunities around the company's first-time participation in CeBIT in 2007. For this occasion, we organised press interviews with editors from the IT and photographic media sectors. 


Interview preparation: conveying the company's skills when dealing with the press

The response to the new product was huge: 11 editors from the specialist IT and photographic press sectors asked for individual interviews. As this was the Vertus team's first time at a German trade fair, we helped the International PR Manager prepare for the interviews and we moderated each discussion in person. The preparation for the interviews comprised:

  • A short discussion on how Fluid Mask was to be presented as a product
  • Establishment of main points
  • An explanation about the difference in mentality between the British and German press
  • Information about the circulation and target audience of each magazine
  • Background on the interests of each individual interviewer to aid personalised responses


PR result: a successful trade fair debut with the press convinced and the visitors impressed

Vertus' trade fair debut was a complete success. Scores of visitors followed the product presentation with great interest. After the discussions, the editors were convinced by the innovative free-form selection technology and this was reflected in the many reports, full of praise, which appeared in the following months. Fluid Mask made a great entrance into the specialist press. In magazines such as Profi Photo, Foto Praxis, Foto Magazin, PC Video, Page, DOCMA, MacUp, Macwelt, c’t, Imaging, PC Magazin, PSD, World of Print, Fine Art Printer and PC Welt Foto & Video, the product was either discussed in-depth as a new product or was tested as high quality software.  According to the February 2007 issue of Foto Life, "Fluid Mask's extremely accurate free-form selector is particularly impressive." In d-pixx (May 2007), Fluid Mask’s test result was "highly recommended" and it also came second in a comparative test of Photoshop plug-ins in MacUp. Since then we have been managing German language press relations for Vertus, as well as regularly announcing further products and versions and strengthening the online community by regularly taking care of forums and blogs.